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Nail Filing $15-$45

With this service your pet will get their nails filed and rounded off to leave them short and smooth. The charge will be $15 per pet if you have an extra dog at the time of grooming service and you only need the nails. If you only need me to go out for nails the fee would be $45 for the first dog and $15 for each other one that you have.

Medicated Bath $10

This Medicated (Les Pooch) bath will help with hot spots, dandruff, bad skin, itchy skin, and will better your pets skin with the first wash.

Brightening Bath $10

With this special shampoo we can revive that dull coat and bring out the natural shine of your pets coat with natural vitamins and minerals infused to the coat that will leave your pet looking like a show dog.

Clean Slate Bath $15

This package is great for skunk smells, dirty dogs, greasy dogs, and much more. If your pet is extra dirty or just got sprayed by a skunk or just smelling funny, this package would be great to clean and deodorize your pet.

Vip Bath $20

With this package your pet will get pampered a Premium Shampoo and Conditioner (Les Pooch) and a very elegant finishing spray (VIP Les Pooch) that will leave your pet clean and smelling wonderful for an extended period of time. As well as a bow or bandanna if you request it.

Flea bath $10

This is for pets who have fleas and ticks. If you are not aware that your pet has fleas you will be notified before applying this shampoo to your pet.


Offered Services

  • Bath Brush and Nails
  • Full Groom

Bath Brush and Nails (BBN)

  • Bath with Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Anal Glands Expressed (externally)
  • Hand Dry
  • Nails Cut 
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Good Brush and Comb Out


Everything in the BBN package plus a haircut at the length desired.

Full Price list

For any other breeds not listed please contact me for more information.


Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee of $40 will be charged for same day cancellation or no answer when i arrive. If you choose not to pay this fee you will be banned from my services and client list

De-Matt Fee

A de-matting fee of $15 per 10 minutes will be added to the service if you don't want to shave your pet.

Shave Fee

This fee of $30 will be applied to those pets that are extremely matted all over and that should be taken to the vet to get shaved.