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About Me

Roberto Melgar

I have been grooming dogs for the past 16 years, and i have enjoyed every second of it. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the reactions of pet owners when i take care of their pets.

Why Mobile?

I decided to start my mobile grooming services 3 years ago because i noticed that many of my client's pets would get car sick, home sick, or very stressed out starting from the car ride to the grooming salon.

Benefits of Mobile Service

With my mobile service there is no longer the need of having to wait 2+ hours and leaving your pet in the salon or in a cage for a long period of time. There is much less stress with mobile grooming and what makes it better is that your pet go's from his home straight into the mobile salon and back home without the need of having to be in a kennel or at a salon waiting.

Contact Me

Please Text me to set up an appointment

No more need of putting your pet through stress because i come to you and do the services right outside of your home

Robertos Dog Grooming Mobile

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